EDD Analysis and Checks for Device Manufacturers

Sometimes the code quality or the interoperability level with specific hosts or the grade of usability of an EDD solution is simply not known. This can have many reasons. For example:

  • Solution has been present for quite some time, best practices and style guides have not been updated yet
  • Experience of the developer is not known
  • Target host version is new on the market or there is a new target host

We put you into the position where you are clear about the rating of your EDD. We check your EDD (source and binary) to the following criteria:

  • Source Code Check (specification, best practices, …)
  • Host Check (different hosts and their versions)
  • Registration Check (can your EDD be registered)
  • Usability Check (how good is the structure and the representation of the functions)

You simply select from the list of checks and the result will be a clear and transparent rating of your EDD. We also make proposals how you can improve your EDD and can support you actively with our "Manufactory Services" in getting a better rating.