EDD Development for Device Manufacturers

One of the major technologies for device integration is called EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language). The complexity of device descriptions scales with the complexity of the device and also depends on how device functions are to be represented to the user.

Some device vendors do not have much expertise in how to implement EDDs; some are experienced but not so familiar with the system specifics of the different host software tools that are common in the industry. Some simply might not have the resources available to be able to implement a full-blown EDD solution.

The CodeWrights "EDD Manufactory Services"will target the different motivations of device vendors. 

We support you in doing:

  • Basic implementation of EDDs
  • Implementation of special functions into existing EDDs (Offline, FF-Root-Menus, graphical features, special algorithms, …)
  • Adjustment of EDDs to specific DD-Host requirements / specialties
  • Usability improvements

A good starting point to learn what we can do for you is to use our "EDD Analysis and Checks" service. The clear and transparent rating of the EDD will show weaknesses and improvement potential of your existing solution. Everything to ensure that your EDD is as perfect as your device!

How is this done? In 3 simple steps:

  • Preparation Workshop with you to understand your requirements and needs
  • Conception / Prototyping / Technical Requirements Engineering to present our solution approach to you in an early stage of the project
  • Implementation and Test according to agreed requirements