FDI Development for Device Manufacturers

The new and unifying integration Technology FDI (Field Device Integration) uses EDDL as a basis and adds value by a special packaging, Life-Cycle mechanisms and programmed functional extensions called UIPs (User Interface Plug-Ins). CodeWrights actively participates in the development of the FDI technology (as we did with FDT and EDDL) and is the FDI-IDE and FDI Common Host Components development partner of the FDI Cooperation. We therefore have firsthand experience in the development of FDI components as well as FDI Device Packages.

CodeWrights supports you in the development of FDI Device Packages (migration from existing EDDL solutions or FDT / DTM solutions) as well as in the development of User Interface Plug-Ins (UIPs). UIP development can be included as part of the FDI Device Package development or can be done separately.

Preparation Workshops are conducted to understand your needs. In addition, we offer complete requirements engineering prior to project execution on request.