DTM Development for Device Manufacturers

The requirements

  • Development of a  FDT 1.2 or FDT 2.0 DTM
  • Usage of established /EDD) or innovative (FDI) technologies
  • Expandability with special feauters, e.g. echo curve
  • smooth integration into different host systems

The Offer
You choose the technology (EDD/FDI), we develop the DTM.

  • CommDTMs

The advantages

  • familiar operating concept as based on known device description
  • time and money savings by usage of iDTM technology
  • extandability with modules
  • can be certified
  • investement protection by usage of available EDDs/Device Packages

You prefer an individual DTM approach, neeed a individual CommDTM or you do not have an EDD or FDI Device Package available? No problem: please contact our sales for your personal offer.