Life-Cycle Services for Device Manufacturers

The Life-Cycle of field devices is typically between 10 and 15 years. Sometimes even beyond that. This is also true for the corresponding integration and device management tools like EDDs, FDT / DTMs or FDI Device Packages.

Development technologies, operating systems and host systems are going to change over time. CodeWrights offers services that monitor those changes and highlight whether action is required on your side because you will want to ensure interoperability and reliability.

Other aspects to protect the Life-Cycle of a device and its integration software are certification tests and registrations. Those processes usually need guidance and require management, time and expertise. CodeWrights supports you in the management of such registration and certification processes as well in making sure that your device and device integration product receives the registration certificate.

The results of such services are technology watch reports as a basis for decisions, certificates and test reports as well as improved device integration and management products.

Use our expertise to protect your products and to ensure their long term interoperability and reliability.