iDTM-EDD End User Version (EU) for Plant Operators

The iDTM-EDD (EU) is the tool that enables device users to commission, operate, configure and diagnose all HART and FF devices in the plant in a uniform way, with their complete functionality. If the manufacturer of your devices does not provide a genuine DTM, no problem! The universal iDTM is able to fill that gap!

This concept is of interest for you, but you first want to test it before purchasing a license? Please download a trial version of iDTM™ HART or iDTM™ FOUNDATION™ fieldbus There is a 30-day test-license included.

The principle of iDTM

In the area of device integration, up to now the user often had to decide between FDT technology or EDDL technology, which led to a limited range of products. iDTMTM offers the combination of both technologies and a uniform user interface for all devices according to the FDT style guide. The interpreter DTM facilitates the user of devices which have a DD / EDD but no dedicated TM available.

The universal DTM is based on the official interpreters SDC-625 and FF-DDS by the HART® Communication Foundation (HCF) and the Fieldbus FoundationTM respectively. The entire DD (Device Description) library with all registered and certified DDs / EDDs is integrated. In contrast to a generic DTM, iDTMTM offers complete device operation based on the device description.

The DTM deploys the communication infrastructure provided by the FDT application. Thereby almost any network topology can be reflected as it can be used with any communication or gateway DTM.

Online Features

  • Device identification
  • Configuration
  • Diagnostics
  • Print


universal...    supports all HART® / FOUNDATION™ fieldbus devices; each fieldbus type represented by one DTM
complete...    all devices can be fully operated with the registered DD as defined by the manufacturer in the EDD
standardized...    uniform user interface according to the DTM style guide for all devices
open...    executable in any FDT frame application with any communication DTM or gateway DTM