Advisory Services & Training

For more than a decade CodeWrights has been supporting well-known device and system vendors of the process and factory automation industries in the development of reliable and high quality products for Device Integration and Device Management.

You may benefit from our know-how and our experience to

  • prepare your team for new technologies or to delve deeper into known topics and technologies.
  • evolve technological and methodical skills of the individuals on your team.
  • increase the efficiency and quality of your developments.
  • ensure the "ease of use" of your products, following the principle of the "User Centred Design".

"Hot Topics"

  • FDI Technology and development tools
  • FDI Life Cycle Concept
  • FDI User Interface Plug-In Development and Design
  • EDDL Development for specific hosts
  • FDT2 DTM Common Components
  • Usability & User Centred Design 
  • Requirements Engineering

Our service offers

  • Training / Workshops targeting all technical topics concerning Device Integration and Device Management with FDI or EDDL
  • Analysis / advisory services targeting technology selection, development processes, tools, methods and the important topic "Usability"

Your benefits

  • Direct access to know-how about latest domain technologies and methods
  • Tailored training, workshops, analysis services or "side-by-side" development support
  • You decide on content, mode, invitees and location of the Education & Advisory Services

So, just contact us for a tailored offer!