iDTM-EDD System Edition (SE) for Control System Vendors

All devices in one DTM?

When you are developing and selling a DCS system that offers digital communication, one of your major challenges is to provide a complete coverage of device drivers for the main communication protocols HART® and FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus. Your customer will most likely ask you how your DCS is supporting device integration.

Until lately, you had to tell the customers that your system implemented an open interface and that they may ask their device suppliers for corresponding DD and / or DTM files. Now, the iDTM-EDD SE solves this problem, by increasing the value of your product and of the user benefit.

The iDTM-EDD SE is especially designed for the use in DCS Systems (DCS = Distributed Control System) and PAM software (PAM = Plant Asset Management). All registered DDs and corresponding device types are included and ready for use.

The License

With an OEM-License for the iDTM-EDD HART or iDTM-EDD FF you are able to bundle the complete HART and FF device support within your DCS and / or PAM software setup.

Included in the OEM license is a maintenance and support agreement that will give you the security in having second-level support in place as well as staying up-to-date regarding the device set.

The Software

The software can be customized to be working in the application frame you desire, with your logo, pictures and requested enhancements.

iDTM-EDD SE allows the configuration and diagnosis of HART and FF field devices and their operation in a uniform way and with their complete functionality. The iDTM can also fill the gap in case your customer is using devices with no available genuine DTMs.

The Principle

The iDTM is based on the official interpreters SDC-625 and FF-DDS by the HART® Communication Foundation (HCF) and the Fieldbus FoundationTM respectively. That’s why we have called it "Interpreter DTM".

The entire EDD (Device Description) library with all registered DDs / EDDs is integrated. In contrast to a generic DTM, iDTMTM offers complete device operation based on the device description.

Your Benefit:

  • Complete coverage of one communication protocol
  • Gives you a powerful selling point
  • Easy to use for your customer
  • Enhancements and labelling possible
  • Saves your development resources